While the Error Codes on the device read Yellow, Orange, Red (Left to Right, and uninterruptable by a button press); the Remaining Unlock indication reads Red, Orange, Yellow and will only show right after device is powered on.

A single unlock will flash a single Yellow LED Once then repeat with a break. Yellow indicates 1 Unlock remaining.

A Pro unit has the Yellow LED indicating 1 Unlock, Orange – 5 Unlock, and Red 10 Unlock. This is read largest to smallest.

Once you run out of Unlocks you will get an LED Flash sequence of 2,2,2 and it will uninterruptable.


10 Unlocks - Red, Pause, Repeat

7 Unlocks – Orange, Yellow, Yellow, Pause, Repeat

5 Unlocks – Orange, Pause, Repeat

2 Unlocks – Yellow, Yellow, Pause, Repeat

Red – 10 unlocks

Orange – 5 unlocks

Yellow – 1 unlock

The unit will flash the combination of those three colors in sequence to tell you how many unlocks are left.