Reading, flashing, logging and clearing codes.


Read, log and flash supported controllers using the EFILive V8 software.


Each consecutive option shown is accessed by pressing the Next button on your AutoCal keypad. The Ok button is used to select the current selection.


Quickly and easily program your vehicle using ECU profiles created by your technician.

1) Install EFILive software on your desktop or laptop computer. It will be necessary to download and install EFILive V8 software to manage your AutoCal.

2) Connect your AutoCal to your PC via the provided USB cable and open the EFILive Explorer program. Transfer the tune file(s), to your AutoCal.

3) Take the AutoCal and OBD2 cable out to your vehicle and plug them in. Install Tunes.

Follow the Instruction Manual for Complete Installation Instructions

DATA LOGGINGThe GDP Tuning AutoCal provides a convenient platform for  customers to collect and submit logged data back to GDP via email for analysis.

TUNE UPDATESUpdates to the tune can be emailed to the customer and the customer's vehicle can be reprogrammed instantly.

CONVENIENCEAutoCal shares many of FlashScan’s features including diagnostics, black box logging and tuning. AutoCal's primary purpose is to provide GDP with a cost effective way to service their remote customers’ data logging and tuning requirements.

Being small and lightweight, it is cost effective for workshops or individuals to purchase an AutoCal instead of the customer shipping their vehicle's controller to the workshop.

WHAT IS FIRMWARE?Firmware is the permanent software that is installed in your AutoCal. It’s what makes communication with your vehicle possible and is frequently updated to improve capabilities.

HOW DOES IT UPDATE?Connect the AutoCal to your PC and then open the Scan and Tune program.

Click the "Check Firmware" button on the Scan and Tune home screen. If a firmware update is needed, the EFILive Control Panel will open up and you will be prompted with an "Update Firmware" button. Click it to proceed.


USING EFILIVE EXPLORER Tune files, log files and trace files can be copied to and from your AutoCal device using the EFILive Explorer application, installed automatically during the EFILive V8 Scan and Tune Application software installation.  

Connect the AutoCal device to the PC containing EFILive V8 Scan and Tune software, and open the EFILive Explorer icon located on your desktop.